Saturday, August 15, 2009


Actually I should update the sequel of "Balik Kampung 3" long time ago, unfortunately due to a very busy schedule I'll try to finish it before mid of Sept 09 (agak kucai lana la this blog). This time pun curi2 masa nak blogging. I was really damn busy since early July 09 becos of the preparation to mobilise to Brunei. Don't get confuse, because it was just involve the office matters not personal and family. Our project team have to mobilise to Brunei when the Onshore Construction has started in early July and we as the PMC team must be based at the site office as stated in the agreement.
So sad for me, have to sacrifice my time with Aliyyah for job sake. Wish that this project will running smooth and can be completed as early in Nov 09.


  1. Hopefully everything will be fine and smooth. Good luck to u and ur team..hehe..chayo2.

  2. Tulisan blog ni kalau dapat warna hitam

  3. bila nak update baru...da bersawang blog nie..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh