Sunday, June 28, 2009

Balik Kampung!!!! (2)

At Kedah, not so many places that we can visit because of Aliyyah's condition. So, abah decided only to bring us makan2 jek la. So first makan place yang abah bawak, Warung Laksa Zakaria Telok Kechai (masuk dlm Warung Kita kt Astro).
Actually the specialty of the Zakaria's that made his laksa different from the others is Sambal Cocunut (Yellow color, not spicy and suits to the laksa taste). Few years ago, price for 1 set of laksa is about RM 1.50 (crazy price for KL huh?) But current price is about RM 2.50, still reasonable and sgt puas hati. Most local normally bought this laksa by kg. 1kg of laksa is about RM 10 (boleh makan smpai terbuntang). This warung also sell the best pulut udang and sate in Kuala Kedah. Sorry to say but their sate is much more better than Sate Kajang Haji S**u*i (from my opinion la...).

(Nampak x smbal kelapa kuning tepi pinggan?)

(Sempat pose depan Warung Laksa Zakaria Telok Kechai)

(Aliyyah borring x dpt joint makan)

(Cepat la ibu..abah..Aliyyah dah borring ni)

2nd place is Behoon/Mee Sup Siam Pekan Rabu. Before that, Ibu sempat bought a Gamalin Plus at one of kawan abah shop there with a lower price. At coincidence, abah met his old fren (ex-classmate) at the stall. Rupenye, abah's fren meniaga air next of Mee Sup Siam stall. So we ordered a very special air asam boi from him. It's quite nice, different taste and off course hard to find at other places. Price is reasonable and puas hati as usual.

Masuk jek kereta, Aliyyah cannot tahan anymore. She fell asleep until we reach at home...

(To be continued...)


  1. wah.yummy.i orang kedah pun belum penah cuba laksa ni..kesian aliyyah tgk je..hehe..

  2. x kan x penah pegi..ruginye u solehah....try jgn x try nanti...